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Rest assured, our commitment extends to providing the same care and comfort  your pets receive at home to our furry, fluffy, feathered and reptile guests.    Explore our Lewiston, ID facility and immerse your pet in a beautiful space that     we aspire to be their favorite place to play with friends—a true home away from home whenever you and your family need us.

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Hello, my name is Wendy Ostermiller, owner and operator of Fur Family Cinema. My Husband Jeremy Ostermiller and I started Fur Family Cinema Pet Daycare and Boarding with the idea of providing a FUN and safe place for pets to come to; it is an ideal paradise where dogs can come and socialize together. Fur Family Cinema is not only a place where dogs are eager to play, but also where cats can lounge and be carefree. Fur Family Cinema is designed to ensure that your fur babies are safe, comfortable, and their well-being is our highest priority. We believe caring for your pet is a great responsibility and privilege. Our goal is to provide your fur babies an enjoyable experience, so they will be eager to return for more play and fun at our facility. Being pet owners ourselves, we understand the concerns that you may feel about leaving your fur baby in our hands. We take great pride and are very serious about our responsibility of caring for your fur babies as if they were our own. We are dedicated to creating a facility that exemplifies what we want for our own pets. Your fur baby will have a fun and safe place to play during the day and a secure environment during the night. Our team of staff will go to great lengths to makes sure our guests’ stay is a true delight. Our job is to “unleash the happiness” in your fur babies during their stay. We feel we have the best team of staff that will care for your pets as well as encourage healthy play, socialization, brain stimulation, and promote a happy and balanced fur baby. The staff at Fur Family Cinema works 24 hours and 7 days a week to provide the best care for your pets. They will get to know you and your fur babies unique needs and concerns. Whether you need pet daycare, boarding, or spa services, we will have it here at Fur Family Cinema Pet Daycare and Boarding. 

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Welcome to Fur Family Cinema LLC

Your Trusted Partner in Pet Wellness

We also pledge that the same care and comfort they get from you at home will be given to our furry guests. Check out our location in Lewiston, ID and experience our beautiful facility, that we hope can become your pet’s home away from home.

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