What Is A Daycare Evaluation And
Why Do I Need One?

While we love all breeds and personalities, not every dog is suited for an off-leash, open-play environment. We take our doggie guests’ safety very seriously, so each daycare evaluation consists of 2 hours with our trained staff to ensure that your pup is a good fit for daycare. It will include a health history overview, a nose to-tail assessment, and an evaluation of their comfort level with other dogs in a controlled play area. The process ensures all dogs are comfortable at Fur Family Cinema.

Please note: All dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age AND current on required vaccinations (Rabies, parvo/distemper,
Bordetella and a proof of dewormer or negative fecal results).

Dogs must be spayed after their first heat or show signs of aggressive humping, or reach 1 year of age prior to returning to daycare.


We are excited to meet you and your pup for your Meet & Greet! We are focused on health and safety as well as ensuring all dogs are comfortable in our open-play environment. For daycare, all dogs are separated into playrooms by size and temperament where they can enjoy hours of safe socialization, exercise, education and FUN. They’re supervised by our trained Kennel Techs.

GETTING READY FOR your daycare evaluation

First we would like you to get registered, this is where we get to know more about you and your dog, vaccinations and a picture can be uploaded by you or our team and you can review and digitally sign our Pet Parent Agreement. Then you’re ready!


On Daycare Scheduled Evaluation day, you will bring your dog(s) to the Fur Family Cinema facility in Lewiston and it is very important to bring the dog on a leash or slip lead with a collar/harness when you enter the lobby. The evaluation process with your dog takes 2 hours with our trained evaluator. During this time, we would love to show you around, address your questions and you can even watch the playroom cameras from our lobby!


  • Wellness check
  • Response to staff touch/interaction
  • Comfort level in a crate – Crates are used for rest, naptime, boarding, feedings and administering medication when applicable
  • Reaction in “open-play” setting with other dogs of varying size, breed, and temperament
  • Overall observations
  • The process allows us to fairly evaluate your pup and ensure that Fur Family Cinema is the best place for them

At Fur Family Cinema we treat your pup to fun-filled days of safe socialization with other dogs, interacting with our caring team, exercise and burning off plenty of pent-up energy, as well as basic education to help them become better behaved both in and outside your home. Best of all, your dog will make lots of new friends (including his BFFF – Best Furry Friend Forever – and will love his newfound freedom in our open-play environment where he’ll be separated by friends of similar size, temperament and play style. Fur Family Cinema daycare is what your dog would ask for if he or she could!

Our Kennel Tech and staff will work with you to determine a daycare schedule and group that suits both you and your dog’s unique needs. We offer flexible daycare packages to suit every need.

ready to book your daycare evaluation